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Another Shot

Review by Michael Insuaste

Dallas Texas Rockers Revive A Very Familiar Sound

Stripwired Another Shot Independent Review by Michael InsuasteNow and then new music comes out from a local Dallas Fort Worth band that grabs my attention and surprises me on how good the record really is! The new Stripwired, Another Shot happens to be that CD!

For those who are not aware, Stripwired are the same musicians in a DFW AC/DC tribute band Back In Black. And for those who know Back In Black, know they are one of the BEST tributes in Texas, if not the country! I state this because right off the bat, the music on this CD, if you didn’t know any better, sounds like a new AC/DC record! Yay, it’s that good!

Eleven songs of high energy, bluesy riffs, raw and raunchy lyrics makes this new CD worth given a listen. Kicking off with the title track “Another Shot” is a perfect example on what is to follow delivered in a classic power rock motto, the song has a good drive from beginning to end. “Raise Your Glass” is true to form rock and roll with great guitar, bass and drums that you would swear you have heard before and could easily be on any rock radio station around the world. Probably the best number on the disc!

The lyrics throughout the CD, from song to song are written ballsy and bluesy just the way I like it which is always fun for the fans as well. “Back Door” is one that sticks out with questionable lyrics and play on words that would make your mama blush and your daddy smile. The last number on the disc is “Big Bob Steel” which is a parody of AC/DC’s “Big Balls” in the same tradition as the original. 

What really captivates the new music in my mind is how they captured an old sound with a new feel that we are all familiar with. Stripwired consists of what I call traditional, straight up rock and roll, not over produced with a driving sound that makes you sing along or bang your head. I found myself listening to it twice in my car CD player.

The band consists of Michael Mroz on lead guitar, lead vocals Darren Caperna, Ken "Da Crusha" Schiumo on drums, Sheldon Conrad bass and vocals and Ramiro Noriega rhythm guitar and vocals. Veteran musicians who have mastered their trade and their debut release Another Shot proves it! Produced by independent record engineer Sterling Winfield who worked on several of the Pantera recordings and Casey Di Iorio, this new CD is definitely worth a listen! , this new CD is definitely worth a listen! 

On a personal note, I liked that they mentioned the late great Vinnie Paul on the insert. As a long time music fan in the DFW area, it’s great to see musicians paying tribute and acknowledging one another and Vinnie Paul and his brother, the great Dimebag Darrell always showed their support to the Dallas Fort Worth music scene in one way or another. They were OUR rockstars, OUR heroes! God Bless them both!