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Cloven Hoof
Time Assassin
Pure Steel Records

Review by Michelle Johnson

Cloven Hoof CD Time Assassin Review by Michelle Johnson

Hail! For the of Gods metal have given the world another full length album from the mighty and brave Cloven Hoof! Behold! Time Assassin!

Heavy metal music lovers are blown away by the powerful eloquence of the entertaining stories that play out throughout this epic recording. It was if I could close my eyes and have a movie play out in my mind. This is just what the world needs right now. Something to give us hope and ignite a spark that has been aching to be a flame. Not only is this album a headbanger but also feels like a heavy metal opera.

The first song "Guardians Of The Universe", gives us tales of galactic guardians and the fight between good and evil.

Title track Time Assassin stands out with its technical guitar licks by two lead guitarists Luke Hatton and Chris Coss as they create a frenzy that eventually leads us to glory.

The elaborate "Lords Of Death" is a satisfying story that takes you up to the peaks and onto the summits of mountains marched. Lead throat George Call pulls out all the stops with his vocal styling, from singing on a razors edge to a finely orchestrated growl. The layering of vocal tracks in the mix are an amazing battle of different voices. In addition, this track has the bass tracks of doom, performed by original member Lee Payne. He grabs your spirit with stunning power in every measure.  Lee literally sets the tone for this tune and is one with the music's core. He is a master of giving you his energy. He never goes too far into the darkness, although giving you enough fuel for imagination.

Cloven Hoof CD Time Assassin Review by Michelle Johnson

The grand finale "Carnival Of Souls", the last song on the album, is an end to a lost generation of weakness. Perhaps a warning to the people who follow evil doers. The end of the song leaves us in a wonderment state of mind feeling as if we have traveled through a space in time. It truly seems as if time keeper, the man behind the kit, Danny White must have run a marathon in the sessions track.

This is an excellent follow up to Cloven Hoof's recordings "Age Of Steel" released in 2020 and "Who Mourns For The Morning Star" 2017. If you were wondering if they could up the ante, they just did. The new CD Time Assassin drops the first of March so do yourself a favor and go get this metal gem! Congratulations to the band for another excellent piece of achievement.

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