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Simon Sanchez

Review by Terry Walsh

Rock music needs more albums like Simon! The debut from guitarist Simon Sanchez.

Simon Debut CD Review by Terry Walsh

The Dallas based musician captures the sound and feel of old school rock without sounding dated. Fans of 70’s, 80’s or early 90’s rock will find something to like here.

The openers of “Devil’s Trail” and “World on Fire” set the tone with their wall of guitars, big drums and Sanchez’s impassioned vocals. A refreshing change from the demons at the gates of Hell vocals dominating much of today’s hard rock.

Heavy as it is, Simon! boasts a few surprises too. “Sunday’s Girl” recalls the jangly pop of the Bangles with vocals by Chandess Millner and Nicholenn Wells, while “Black Days” closes the album on a slower pace with some short but ripping guitar solos. 

Simply put:  This is a solid Rock n’ Roll album.

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