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The Dead Daisies
September 7, 2018
Dallas, TX

Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Michael Insuaste

Straight Up Rock N’ Roll

Supergroup or “SoupGroup” as singer John Corabi calls it, rolled into the Dallas/ Fort Worth area for a whirlwind of promotions, music and fun!

Straight Up Rock N’ Roll by Michael InsuasteMaking their first stop at 97.1 The Eagle to play a special private acoustic performance at the ATT Thanks Sound Studios, The Daisies looked a little worn and torn but like true rock and rollers, ready and steady to perform. Sitting in a line from left to right; lead guitarist Doug Aldrich, vocalist John Corabi, drummer Deen Castronova, bassist Marco Mendoza and rhythm guitarist and founder David Lowery played a few numbers from their recent release Dead And Gone.

Kicking it off with “Burn It Down” an acoustic interpretation that was melodic with a smooth mellow groove. They took a few questions from the invited guests and then into another song “Rise Up” from the new LP Dead And Gone. Closing the performance with a rock classic, Rod Stewarts first hit, “Maggie Mae” sung by drummer Deen Castronova, with his raspy voice was totally awesome and a perfect way to close set.

From their The Daisies headed to the Guitar Center off Central Expressway to perform another special acoustic performance to a crowd of 60 or so fans. They managed to sign a few autographs and meet the fans on hand.
Later that night, the main event, The Dead Daisies performed at Trees in Deep Ellum, the historic music district of downtown Dallas, Texas. The two opening bands were local group Blackout and SuperNova Remnant and a special performance by ex-GNR keyboardist Dizzy Reed bringing his Cocaine & Hookers show who are on tour with The Dead Daisies.

Straight Up Rock N’ Roll by Michael InsuasteThe Daisies are one of the few hard rock bands on the road today that brings a no non-sense, straight up rock and roll show with no frills other than Loud Music and in your face, balls to the walls performance. With so much talent between them, The Daisies hold court and deliver a stellar rock show from beginning to end. The humorous tales of John Corabi, the concert never shows any signs of slowing down. On tour performing tunes from their past five EPs and or LPs, the band had the fans in control. What sets the pace of every song is lead guitarist Doug Aldrich. He alone can carry the show with his stage presence and screaming guitar. One of the show highlights was Deen Castronova’s drum solo, short but KILLER! Great to see Deen back in the saddle. Marco Mendoza and David Lowery kept the show active and in step throughout the night. Great show from five awesome musicians!

The Daisies, as hard as it is to say it, are a dying breed. Not many bands have the edge these five guys bring to the stage, with their strengths and talents, the band pours out rock and roll hardly seen or heard today. Catch them live if you can and get ready to ROCK!