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July 31, 2021
Toyota Music Factory
Irving, TX

Review Tabetha Mcalister
Photos Courtesy 3 Doors Down

The Better Life! 20th Anniversary Tour

Without a doubt it really is “The Better Life”! Let me just set the mood for you. Upon 3 Doors Down crew setting the stage we see our beloved American Flag on its own stand perched beautifully on-stage right. This to me was monumental after all the harshness that 2020 brought to us all. It was heart warming to see the appreciation for our country. Good ol’ mother nature was very kind to us. She tickled us with a killer breeze for the evening.  Thank you for that.

3 Doors Down The Better Life! 20th Anniversary Tour

As we all know this was the 20th Anniversary of the album that made them the badasses that they are. What some or most didn’t know, was that the album was being played in its entirety. Now folks, let me say this. Every single song was a blissful reminder of how 3DD made a very relevant mark on the Rock genre over the past 20 years. From the hits of the album, “Kryptonite”, “Duck and Run” and “Better Life” this album certainly has some heavy hitting tunes! By the way, the album has been re-mastered for better listening through our beloved devices.

Upon completing the entirety of the album, Brad Arnold says, “We had a couple of other hits from our following albums, let’s do a few”. The crowd roars with excitement!  My mind instantly wondered what songs are they going to bless us with?  They ripped into “The Road I’m On”, “Let me Go”, It’s Not My Time”, and an added little story of how Brad and Bob met. That’s Bob Seger for those of you that don’t know.  Long story short, Brad shot pool with Bob for about 4 days before knowing who he actually was. Hahaha Brad says telling the story, “well he didn’t look the same as his album covers.” Of course lots of giggles came from that.  Brad says he simply asked Bob Seger to come check them out in the studio next door. Bob Seger accepts the invite. Then wouldn’t ya know it? The collaboration of “Landing in London” was born. 3DD played this song. No Bob didn’t come to sing his part. It sure would’ve been killer if he had though.

3 Doors Down The Better Life! 20th Anniversary Tour

As this wonderful night is coming to an end, the encore tunes brought closure to an all-around great show to see. They end with “When I’m Gone”, thanking all of first responders and showing the appreciation they have in theirs hearts for our great nation! Thank you 3 Doors Down!

3 Doors Down The Better Life! 20th Anniversary Tour