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JAM History

JAM MAGAZINE - Established 1979 - The Music and Entertainment Magazine with a Global Focus
JAM MAGAZINE has been dedicated to the "Live Music" experience for over 35 years. JAM Magazine believes that "Fans" must be informed about upcoming events. Experiencing "Live Music" is a captivating moment and should be captured and reviewed so that the experience can be re-lived and shared, over and over again...
JAM MAGAZINE engages its audience with live entertainment reviews, live concert photography, interviews, and up to date music and entertainment information.
JAM MAGAZINE has found that 69% of people who would have attended a show didn't know about it. The visitors to the pages of JAM MAGAZINE are Concert-Goers, Ticket Buyers, and Music Buyers. They are actively seeking that "Live Music" experience in Bars, Clubs, Theaters, Ampitheaters, Arenas, Stadiums, Major Festivals, Street Festivals, and anywhere else that presents the "Live Music" experience.
JAM MAGAZINE has found that "Super Fans" and "Plugged-In Indies" are most engaged with Social Media and informative sites like JAMMAGAZINE.COM. They are also more likely to attend with friends. JAM MAGAZINE fans state that they buy concert tickets within a few days of hearing about the show. They want that ticket before the show is sold out. Reading a review of a previous show is usually the determining factor. They want to see the bands that they love. JAM MAGAZINE provides music and entertainment coverage across all genres.
Let's Look At The Facts
Where Fans hear about shows:

  • 53% - Online
  • 29% - Family and Friends
  • 13% - Radio
  • 3% - TV
  • 2% - Print

More bands go on the road faster: The "Old Model" involved 2-5 Years to Write Songs, Get Label, Make Album, Play Clubs, Make Video, Play Small Venues, Make Another Album, Play Arenas. The "New Model" shortens the process to as little as 3 months by Post Songs/Videos on Internet, Sign Promoter Deal, Play Clubs, Play Arenas. More bands are on the road because that is where the money is. Album Sales account for 10% of a band's income and 90% for live performance. JAM MAGAZINE has shifted to a much broader "Global Focus". JAM MAGAZINE now has established presences in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Pacific Rim, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and even Africa. JAM MAGAZINE is now positioned to capitalize on these new trends.
The Profile of the JAM MAGAZINE Audience
Most are engaged with and passionate about music and attend live shows frequently. They are willing to spend more on a better concert experience and usually buy music related merchandise. They highly value the social dimension of the "Live Concert" experience, as well as the music itself.

  • Age Range: 16-69
  • Average Age Group: Early 30s
  • Gender Percentage:  50/50
  • Household Income Level: $70K
  • Education: High school/College
  • Marital Status: Majority Single
  • Decision Making Information: Internet

JAM MAGAZINE categorizes its readers into two major groups

The Super Music Fan - Hyper-Engaged Fans and Social Leaders with Mainstream Taste

  • Average Age: 32
  • Gender: Male 44% Female 56%
  • Household Income: 73K
  • Average # of Shows attended in last year: 16
  • Average spent on a ticket: $85
  • % of general Population: 20%

*Other statistics

  • Favorite Genre: Pop and Rock
  • Venue Preference: Large Venues for Bigger Acts
  • Seeing Live Music a priority
  • Will budget money to see a live show
  • Actively seeking out new music
  • Always seem to know what artists are going to be popular
  • Social leader in group of friends
  • Thriving social life
  • First to know about the latest trends
  • Willing to pay extra for a better concert-going experience

The Plugged-In Indie Fan - Dedicated Independent Music Fan Who Sees Live Music to Express their Passion

  • Average Age: 34
  • Gender: Male 56% Female 44%
  • Houshold Income: 69K
  • Average # of Shows attended in last year: 13
  • Average spent on a ticket: $46
  • % of general Population: 15%

*Other statistics

  • Favorite Genre: Alternative/Indie
  • Venue Preference: Small, Intimate Venues
  • Eats, lives, and breaths music
  • Goes to concerts they would give almost anything to see
  • Constantly looking for new experiences and exploring new music
  • Knows a tremendous amount of facts about the music they like
  • Favorite music is different and off the beaten path. Indie music over mainstream.
  • Creative, open-minded, very social
  • Enjoys listening to music with friends at concerts but cares most about hearing the music.
  • Willing to pay extra for a better concert-going experience

Who are JAM MAGAZINE Readers?
16 to 25 Age - Working, going to school, friends and social gatherings are important, want to travel, trusting, brands include Nike, Billabong, Oakly. Grew up in the early 90s listening and watching music heroes like Mariah Carey, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers Pearl Jam, Janet Jackson and Backstreet Boys.
26 to 30 Age - Working hard with two jobs, wants to travel, friends becoming more important, have or would like a long term relationship, paying off a nice car, spending freely and not saving, fashion brand conscious, looking to buy a home. Grew up in the late 80s listening and watching music heroes like Kylie Minogue, Whitney Houston, B52's, Cher, Michael Bolton and Oasis.
31 to 40 Age - May be beginning a new relationship or dealing with a divorce, young family, concerts, theater, restaurants, have or looking for long-term partner, looking for a more economical vehicle instead of the gas guzzler, shopping much more wisely and less brand conscious, probably wrestling with that big mortgage. Grew up in the late 80s listening and watching music heroes like Kenny Rogers, Michael Jackson, Police, Duran Duran, INXS and Cold Chisel.
41 to 49 Age - New marriage, new or blended family, teenagers are eating them out of house and home, grandchildren becoming a possibility, definitely concerts and eating out, mortgage, bargain shopping. Grew up in the mid-70s listening to music heroes like The Bee Gees, Blondie, AC/ DC, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, David Bowie and Bay City Rollers and Disco.
50 to 59 Age - Yet another marriage might be in the works, possible grandparent but still dealing with teenagers of their own, spending inheritance or hoping to get one, little blue pills, realizing own mortality. Grew up in the mid-60s listening to music heroes like Beatles, Beach Boys, Credence, The Rolling Stones, Billy Thorpe, The Seekers, The Supremes and The Monkeys.
60 to 69 Age - Given up counting partners but might still be with that lucky one, if they had known grandkids were so much fun would have had them first, part of Vietnam and the time of change, likes travel and holidays, financially OK, focused on preserving investments, health care matters, reminisce a lot, can't believe the cost of living but still shops a lot, blue pills by the kilo, realizing there is an end and going to make the best of it. Grew up in the late 50s listening to music heroes like Connie Francis, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Johnny Okeefe, Cliff Richard, Judy Stone, Big Bopper and Chuck Berry.