JAM Magazine - Content Policy

Adult content / Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization / Copyrighted material / Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content / Hacking and cracking content / Compensation programs ("pay-to") / Violent content / Weapon-related content / Other illegal content

Adult content - What's the policy?

JAM MAGAZINE is considered family-safe, which means that advertisers aren't permitted to place ads on the JAM MAGAZINE websites which contain pornography, adult, or mature content. In turn,

JAM MAGAZINE will NOT solicit the following advertising or content:

  • Pornographic images
  • Pornographic cartoons or anime (hentai)
  • Lewd or provocative images
  • Adult/sexual dating sites
  • Mail Order Brides / Escort sites
  • Sheer/See-Through
  • Crude or indecent language, including adult stories
  • Sexual tips or advice
  • Adult comment spam
  • Adult search results
  • Ads or links to external sites containing adult content
  • Sexual aids, devices, and enhancers such as: vibrators, dildos, lubes, sex games, inflatable toys, penis and breast enlargements, and sex instructional videos
  • Drugs such as Viagra will fall under the drug content policy, NOT adult content

Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization - What's the policy?

JAM MAGAZINE believes strongly in the freedom of expression, but also reserves the right to exercise discretion and protect JAM MAGAZINE advertisers and readers. JAM MAGAZINE will NOT permit ANY content that may be construed as biased against individuals, groups, or organizations based on criteria such as race, religion, disability, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political affiliation. In addition JAM MAGAZINE will not place content that exists solely to demean or dehumanize people, such content may be interpreted as negative or offensive. However, content containing academic or historical content related to such subjects will be permitted.

JAM MAGAZINE will accept:

  • Political advertising or content, as long as the content is not hate-related or advocating against another party
  • Satire that does not advocate violence or target hate/anti content against anyone
  • Religious organization content as long as the content is not hate-related or advocating against another religious organization
  • Consumer awareness content (e.g., reviews, both positive and negative)

Copyrighted material - What's the policy?

JAM MAGAZINE will not place content protected by copyright law unless JAM MAGAZINE has the necessary legal rights to display or direct traffic to that content. Some examples of copyrighted content might include MP3 and video files, photographs, illustrations, television shows, software, comics, and literary works. JAM MAGAZINE will NOT place other website content within a frame or window anywhere on the JAM MAGAZINE site, this is considered framing content.

JAM MAGAZINE will accept:

  • Bittorrent clients (software for downloading torrents), if desired.
  • Torrent search if desired.

JAM MAGAZINE will NOT place:

  • Links to copyrighted content
  • Warez content
  • ROM content
  • Content dedicated to audio or video file downloads
  • Content that explicitly state the material is pirated

Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content - What's the policy?

JAM MAGAZINE will NOT sell or promote drugs or drug paraphernalia. This includes drug accessories, illegal or prescription drugs, and herbal drugs such as salvia and magic mushrooms. JAM MAGAZINE will NOT permit content which sells or promotes the sales of beer, hard alcohol, or liqueurs. Additionally, JAM MAGAZINE will NOT permit placed content which sell or promote tobacco and tobacco-related products, including cigarettes, cigars, tobacco pipes, and rolling paper. Promotion of prohibited content includes providing links to sites that do not follow the JAM MAGAZINE drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content policies will NOT be permitted. JAM MAGAZINE WILL permit informational content relating to brewing or distilling beer, as well as content related to the topic of quitting smoking.


  • Content that sells or promotes herbal plants that can be used as hallucinogens, but content MAY NOT promote them for their drug-related uses. Note: The content may only contain reference to items that are legal to purchase as long as they are NOT eaten, brewed, or smoked.
  • Content relating to over-the-counter drugs
  • Content relating to prescription drugs
Not acceptable
  • Sales or promotion of illegal drugs and illegal drug paraphernalia. Note: Drugs illegal in the US are unacceptable even if legal elsewhere.
  • Information or products for passing drug tests
  • Content promoting sales of prescription drugs, even if through an affiliate programs
  • Content that primarily drives traffic to online drugstores/pharmacies


  • Content that sells wine and champagne
  • Sites that sell equipment or provide information on how to distill or brew beer
  • Directories of Bar, Club, or other locations that promote the sale of alcohol at their locations
Not acceptable
  • Content that primarily promotes the sale of alcohol (beer, hard alcohol, or liqueurs) directly on another website

Hacking and cracking content - What's the policy?

JAM MAGAZINE does NOT promote any form of hacking or cracking. Hacking and cracking content is content that provides users with instructions or equipment that tampers with or provides illegal access to software, servers, or websites.


  • Content may provide information on “unlocking" or “jail-breaking" cellular phones
  • Content may provide information about software for DVD, CD, game ripping, or MP3 music downloads (must not violate our copyright policy by providing downloads of copyrighted materials or driving traffic to sites with content of this nature
  • Content may provide information on free-to-air satellite channels

Not acceptable

  • Content on products that enable illegal access of cell phones and other communications or content delivery systems or devices
  • Content about products or services that bypass copyright protection, including circumvention of digital rights management technologies
  • Content about products that illegally descramble cable or satellite signals in order to get free services
  • Content that assist or enable users to download streaming videos if prohibited by the content provider, such as those found on YouTube and Google Video

Content that offers compensation programs ("pay-to") - What's the policy?

The term "pay-to" refers to content that promise payment or incentives to users who click on ads, surf the web, read emails, or perform other similar tasks. Content that may result in invalid impressions or clicks is prohibited. JAM MAGAZINE will NOT place content in regards to or links to sites which primarily drive traffic to or discuss pay-to services.


  • Content that pays the user to complete an action, as long as the action does not involve clicking on ads or artificially inflating ad impressions (Pay-To-Survey sites, Cashback sites)
  • Content for Safelist (opt-in groups where users promote their products, content, or sites over email)

Not acceptable

  • Pay-To-Click content
  • Pay-To-Surf content
  • Auto-Surf content
  • "Search for Charity" content
  • Pay-To-Search content

Violent content - What's the policy?

JAM MAGAZINE's content placement policy does NOT allow content to be placed that contains graphic or gory images such as "REAL" bloodshed, fight scenes, and gruesome or freak accidents.


  • Boxing or martial arts content

Not acceptable

  • Broken bones
  • Content depicting serious injuries
  • Content devoted to non-sanctioned fight content
  • Any content JAM MAGAZINE, it's Advertisers, or Affiliates finds offensive including but not limited to gory videos or images

Weapon-related content - What's the policy?

JAM MAGAZINE will not permit content that sells, facilitates or advocates the sale of weapons and weapon accessories. This includes but is not limited to the sales of ammunition, gun parts, hardware, pistols, rifles, BB guns, sporting guns, air guns, blow guns, and stun guns. This policy will also prohibit the placement of ads or content which sell explosives, including fireworks.


  • Content that is primarily about the sport of hunting
  • Content that promotes the sale of antique guns, non-working replicas, emergency flares, paintball guns, scopes, or holsters
  • Content located outside the U.S. that sell Airsoft guns
  • Content for items located in the U.S. that sell Airsoft guns and have the appropriate disclaimer on the landing page
  • Content which contains content regarding archery or bow hunting
  • Content that sell collectible knives, daggers, swords, cutlery, chef knives, or sporting equipment

Not acceptable

  • Content that promotes the sale of firearms, ammunition, and gun accessories
  • Content that catalogue individual firearms
  • Content that drive traffic to firearm sales
  • Content in the U.S. that promote the sale of Airsoft guns and DO NOT have the appropriate disclaimer on the landing page
  • Content that promote the sale of knives or weapons with an intended violent use
  • Content that teach bomb or other explosive-making or give instructions on how to harm or kill
  • Content that that promote the sale of fireworks or pyrotechnic devices

Other Prohibited Content

JAM MAGAZINE will NOT permit the placement of content related to the production of false legal documents, such as fake IDs, passports, social security cards, or immigration papers. In addition, content related to the sale or distribution of term papers or other materials that promote fraudulent activity will NOT be permitted. JAM MAGAZINE also prohibits content related to or providing instructions about manufacturing counterfeit or replica designer goods and will NOT be permitted.

JAM MAGAZINE will not place content that promotes or permits any form of criminal activity.

JAM MAGAZINE will not place content that promotes underage, non-consensual, or illegal sex acts. Nor will JAM MAGAZINE permit any content which, at its sole discretion, find immoral.

JAM MAGAZINE absolutely prohibits monetization of content related to child pornography or pedophilia.

Under United States federal law, child pornography is defined as visual depictions of minors (i.e., under 18) engaged in a sexual act such as intercourse, oral sex, or masturbation as well as the lascivious depictions of the genitals (covered or uncovered). This definition extends to photographs, videos, cartoons, drawings, paintings, and sculptures. The image can involve a real child; a computer-generated, morphed, composite or otherwise altered image that appears to be a child (think “Photoshop”). This also includes soliciting minors for sexual acts, which is also known as "enticement." Pedophilia is any content or behavior (images, texts, videos, etc.) that depicts, encourages, or promotes sexual attraction by adults toward minors (i.e., under 18). If any of the aforementioned content is found on JAM MAGAZINE, please contact JAM MAGAZINE immediately for the removal of offending content.