JAM Magazine CD Review

July , 2013
Review by Jessica Pardee

The O's


Label: Punch Five Records

The Dallas based alternative-country duo the O's are anticipating the release of their third full album entitled Thunderdog this July 23rd on Punch Five Records. It's the follow up to their sophomore release Between The Two which was released in 2011. Thunderdog however marks the first on a label owned and operated by the members of the band forging ahead with an independent vision.

The album's name is derived from the nickname given to the bass kick drum used by Young. Thunderdog is the life giving heartbeat of the album's body, the guitar is the blood, the banjo is the feet, the harmonica the soul, the lyrics are the brain, and Young and Pedigo are the mouthpieces to the thoughts and emotions in the songs.

The album also takes us on a journey to the hills of Appalachia, to the bars, the honky tonks, and onto the front porches of America. It deals with the everyday struggles and experiences of people as it pays homage to the ghosts of the past but with a firm foot in the present and in that capacity we can call this a truly American album.

The boot stomping drum beat on Outlaw starts the album off and is much like being drawn to a dance floor by a jukebox. You are the Light turns down the volume and offers the listener a gentle and soulful song with a banjo serving as the backbone that compliments their sense of humor and wit.

If the listener is new to the band this would be the ideal album to introduce them with. Young and Pedigo have great chemistry that can't be disputed and becomes even more obvious when the two perform in a live setting. Their shows are interactive and lively and they regularly play in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

If this album is any indication of things to come, fans can be assured that the duo will keep churning out fuel-charged alternative-country tunes that are full of heart for years to come.