JAM Magazine CD Review

October , 2013
Review by Tracy Nightingale

Kenny Rogers

"You Can't Make Old Friends"

Label: Warner Bros.

"You Can't Make Old Friends" is something that Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton obviously know something about. It's the title and title track to Rogers new album and the song itself makes you ponder that thought while enjoying the familiarity of a voice that has been telling beautiful short stories for decades. Kind of like an old friend. With a wide variety of instruments behind him, he keeps those stories true to his style while keeping the melodies fresh. "All I Need Is One" is one that comes to mind that could have easily been recorded by any of the current hit makers and is one of the highlights of this new record.

Variety is the most notable characteristic proving Rogers isn't relying on past formulas and is taking some risks. In an eerie, heavy track both musically and lyrically "Turn This World Around" tells of the wrongs of the modern world and the need to work toward changing them. "You Had To Be There" gives listeners the perspective of an imprisoned son telling his absentee father all the life lessons he missed growing up without him. The ballads are strong and one in particular, "Look At You" is so heartfelt that you can feel how personal the words he sings are to him.

Kenny Rogers fans are going to be pleased and maybe even surprised at the ride they are going to go on during these 11 tracks. From a familiar partnership with Parton to a cajun number with Buckwheat Zydeco You Can't Make Old Friends is thoughtful, unique and enjoyable.

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