JAM Magazine CD Review

January , 2014
Review by Tim Taylor

Altitudes & Attitude

"Self-titled EP"

Label: Megaforce Records

Legendary thrash-metal bass gods Frank Bello (Anthrax) and Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) were farting around with some cool bass ideas one day, and a new band was born. They brought in Jeff Friedl (A Perfect Circle) on drums, and recorded three kick ass songs for the debut Altitudes & Attitude EP.

They released it on iTunes this week so anxious fans could hear their new ideas. Frank Bello is a surprisingly good vocalist, as he proves on the Foo Fighters-influenced "Booze & Cigarettes" and "Tell the World." He’s also the lead guitarist, while Ellefson provides most of the bass, as well as some rhythm guitar. The third track, "Here Again," is the one that will please their metalhead fans the most. Gus G (Ozzy/Firewind) guests on lead guitar, and the results are phenomenal.

Heavy rhythms along with smoking guitar and bass solos bring the EP to a conclusion, and will leave everyone craving more. I can’t wait to see if these guys put a full length album together. There’s obvious chemistry, and they have enough friends in the world of rock music to make the "guest musician" list very interesting.