JAM Magazine CD Review

January , 2014
Review by Mark McConville


"Good Luck"

Label: Spinefarm Records

Pop Punk has many bands under its watch, It has a somewhat bloated abdomen. Decade is a English band, with a new release, Good Luck on Spinefarm Records, that have taken influences from their American counterparts, they're an act that are turning heads and optimizing minds. Their sound is infectious and doesn't clatter along the road of tedium.

When burrowing your head into their sound. That emphatic pop punk style, you get that arousing feeling of just losing yourself. The sound is fun infused with a sense of seriousness too. You're inhibitions might be overridden when you listen to the Good Luck as you pickle your liver.

Good Luck is a record with a statement of intent, with intellectual lyrics passing through it. If you listen closely, you hear razor sharp words seeping through the microphone. Words that describe love loss and heartache, life in general.

The album begins with title track, "Good Luck". The abrasive guitar lines mold well with the soaring vocals. An English twang pounds through, delivering the lyrics like a fist of fury to a very cold face. This is an appetizer for what's to follow. "Brainfreeze" is fast and volatile. It describes memories fading, there is no light to be had. The guitar sequence is exhilarating. "British Weather" blasts through the trenches of pop punk, puncturing the heart of subtlety. The simple riff and brilliant chorus makes this song excel.

"I Don't Care" is loud and unapologetic, brash and drenched in apathy. Empathy also rings true in this song. "Fools Gold" starts with an empowering guitar line. The lyrics are about giving up on someone that you shared your lust with. I get the feeling that this record tap dances around a burnt out fire.

Decade are becoming pop punk sensations. With this record they've pulled the strings convincingly.