JAM Magazine CD Review

January , 2014
Review by Mark McConville

Of Mice And Men

"Restoring Force"

Label: Rise Records

Of Mice And Men is a band that is patrolling the metal-core sector with their brutal and honest music. The brutality is apparent all way through, to the bone, to the absolute core. That is what makes them unique, stimulating for the hell raisers, the people that like their music loud and brash.

If you push your head right into the middle of the atmospheric, volatile sound, you will gain a respect for Of Mice And Men, they've worked hard to create their beat. The choruses are always engaging and finely tuned, to the point where they become highly infectious.

With new record Restoring Force, the band have embarked on offering a new platter of songs that all sound different. Replication isn't in their DNA. They're a band that have surfed new musical waters, never drowning any of their inspiration.

Restoring Force begins with "Public Service Announcement" which commences with growls and screams. The guitar lines are vicious, but experimental. You can hear the emotion parade, stinging the tale of the song. "Bones Exposed" starts with a long throat burning scream. The chorus marches through the alleyway of experimentation, it's a song that keeps the album up on the highest shelf.

"Would You Still Be Here" offers a different side to the band. There is little screaming, it is pure and ambitious. The chorus is laced in profanity. It's one of those songs that will not banish the monster in your head. "Another You" is soft and tender to an extent. The vocals are haunting but sincere. The guitar then burrows in like a tic creating an undying itch. You will sing along to this track, it will empower you to show your innocence. The band might be a high muscled machine, but they do showcase a subtle side. "You're Not Alone" barks at the sky like a lonely dog to an extent. But, there is message of hope deep in the fabric. The band say there is hope for the willing, and to me, that's a stellar statement.

Of Mice And Men open their hearts with this record. It is their best opus.