JAM Magazine CD Review

February , 2014
Review by Mark McConville

You Me At Six

"Cavalier Youth"

Label: Virgin Records

You Me At Six is a rock band that have resurfaced with a record that will enlighten a drab party. Their new record Cavalier Youth, on Virgin Records, contains songs that cut the friction of boredom and features those poppy hooks that the act are renowned for. The English outfit dress up their sound with enough flamboyance to keep you entertained. The record does keep the heart of your musical awareness pumping, it will keep you from standing straight, you will lose yourself to the beat.

The song writing has become filtered with less bubblegum and more purity. You can hear that the band have thought about what to write, without just pouring anything into the mixer. You can set yourself up to be impressed by the words, the instrumental poetry that will hit off the four walls in your mind.

Cavalier Youth starts with "Too Young To Feel This Old." The song hits out, dragging its pretty feet across the tiles of infectiousness, you expect that from You Me At Six. They are somewhat the Godfathers of this type of euphony. The band embarks thoroughly, pointing their fingers at the face of rock. The song is a great commence to a record profoundly rooted in the soil of hope and glory.

"Lived A Lie" is the main single from the album, it has the class and powerful notes to be the frontrunner. It is a song that is sought after because of its catchy chorus and great breakdowns. "Win Some, Lose Some" opens with a quirky guitar sequence. The vocals are slightly behind the influence, but they're still apparent enough to be a force. "Hope For The Best" is lashed in that You Me At Six sheen, not bombarded with to much sweetness and sugary linings, it has a notable guitar line shooting throughout it.

"Be Who You Are" is an acoustic styled song, the vocals are placed there to be awarded top prize for grace. It has lyrics that are laced in sincerity. "Carpe Diem" blossoms, the guitar is razor-sharp, it would cut through bone if touched. Seize the day that band do with pride and honour.

You Me At Six have given us a record that doesn't stick to imitation.