JAM Magazine CD Review

March , 2014
Review by Mark McConville

Dead By April

"Let The World Know"

Label: Spinefarm Records

Dead by April is back. The Swedish metal band have constructed a new record titled, Let The World Know, on Spinefarm Records, that generates a sense of absolution and diversity. It's fundamental and bitter with a profound core of excellence. If you're accustomed to metal and its hard hitting complexity, then this album is for you. There is bellows and distinctive guitar lines, words of wisdom and words of hate and despair. The opus tells a story, a fable with a sharp edged lining.

The album is astonishingly diverse. It has heart and soul. It describes strained love and life's upheavals. It breaks the band apart from the competitors and shuts the door on clichés and broadens the spectrum. You will fall in love with it if you feel for the character in the story with wet eyes that walks disenchanted. It might even bring you to the forefront of emotion, it is your choice to listen up and take notice of what your ears are taking in.

Songs like ''Beautiful Nightmare,'' ''As A Butterfly'' and ''Let The World Know'' are haunting and sincere. You will fall deeply through the pastures and into the underground of infectiousness. The screams and shouts give the tracks more impact, but it's the clean vocals that ultimately mesmerise.

Dead By April is a band that I admire. I think the band members are misunderstood which makes them highly eccentric and original. The album will keep you entertained and enthralled.