JAM Magazine CD Review

March , 2014
Review by Mark McConville

Memphis May Fire


Label: Rise Records

Memphis May Fire shudder the metal core genre with new record Unconditional on Rise Records. The band from Dallas, Texas, flutter like a raging butterfly with wings soaked in alcohol and saliva. By Battering down the thick wall of inspiration, the band have found the prize and have embraced their sound with brutal notes and powerful choruses.

The clean vocals are magically submitted and the screams would ruffle the collar of the most hardened of characters. The song writing has flourished and has become poetry, poetry of the highest degree. Metal core has been frowned upon somewhat, but I don't fear for it when you have bands like Memphis May Fire pulling the strings. They're becoming strong, very strong, like a championship wrestler beating his competitor to a pulp.

Unconditional starts with "No Ordinary Love." It batters on and will fire up the fiend that resides in you. The clean vocals start the song then the screams come flooding in. The guitar drives the frenzy on. "Sleepless Nights" opens with a screaming tension. The chorus is frantic and energetic, contagious and talks of the darkest places. "Possibilities" enforces a powerful riff. Those screams march on from a mouth that's tainted in rage. That grinding guitar sound blends into the whole drama purposefully.

Memphis May Fire is a band that have orchestrated an album with profound artistry. Their whole desire and strength is admirable. Metal core is looking up at the stars with no sense of yearning, but with a smile of glee.