JAM Magazine CD Review

April , 2014
Review by Mark McConville

Lacuna Coil

"Broken Crown Halo"

Label: Century Media

Italian metal act Lacuna Coil have been shaping their sound since 1994. With their new release Broken Crown Halo on Century Media, they have been purposefully striking their music into the heads of many metal fanatics and have proven themselves on the big stage.

Their new opus Broken Crown Halo which could be perceived as their greatest work to date. The iconic riffs are there like baring teeth. That sublime vibe is there, dancing in the shadows.

Lacuna Coil is a dark band. They all wear dark clothes, innocent but look so fierce. Broken Crown Halo is an album that is dark, macabre, highly fuelled, and sticks to the bands characteristics. The album may bear down your neck when listening to it in a dimly lit room, be prepared to be stricken, this isn't for apathetic people, it's for the ones that want to be mesmerised.

Songs like ''Hostage To The Night,'' ''Victims,'' ''Cybersleep,'' ''I Burn In You'' all contain those fiery solos, those riffs that will be imprinted in your mind. The vocals, the instrumentality, the workmanship, are all pristine. Broken Crown Halo is a record that does contain yearning but there is a upbeat spark too.