JAM Magazine CD Review

April , 2014
Review by Mark McConville

New Empire

"In A Breath"

Label: Tooth And Nail Records

Australian band New Empire have diversified pop rock with their infectious blend of sweet choruses and fundamental riffs that is revealed in their new release In A Breath on Tooth and Nail Records. The act will propel, they'll enter a new, more colossal division and will cheer on the hearts that listen. If you're married to one genre of music, why don't you divorce it and become free again to taste other musical ventures.

New Empire is a distinctive band. Their lyrics play on emotions and desires. If you listen closely, you'll hear sorrow being enforced. Sorrow that is profound. The wordplay is absolutely premium, there is poetry that flutters like a million butterflies heading to the core of sophistication. The intelligence portrayed is ingenious. Creativeness has been merged into the bands make-up. They're ready to steal the show, they're ready to burn away any signs of mediocrity. Inferiority doesn't play apart because the band always strive for excellence. I can see accolades coming their way like a set of homing missiles.

Songs like "Tales Of Jonah," "The Sun Won't Sleep," "In A Breath," "Fallen Solders" all contain the trademark riffs and bellows. Wait, every song on this record deserves to be pinpointed as enthralling, they all play apart, they all merge together to make something extraordinary. New Empire is a band that are ready to touch the sparkly stars, and their record In A Breath will enlighten.