JAM Magazine CD Review

April , 2014
Review by William Meckfessel

St. Vincent

"St. Vincent - Self-titled"

Label: Loma Vista Recordings

There's something more original about the new release by St. Vincent, than the previous work produced (including her collaboration with David Byrne) under Annie Clark's pseudonym. The new album, self-titled, still has that distinct blend of 90s noise rock and day-dreamy pop St. Vincent is known for, but her forth studio album on Loma Vista Recordings has more guts, I'm not sure I can describe it any other way.

"Birth in Reverse," is catchy and sits nicely with many other classic St. Vincent tunes, but Songs like "Psychopath" and "Rattlesnake," are my favorite for the use of vocals to create rhythm with her screeching guitars, because though they sound exactly like a St. Vincent song, it's not like a song you've heard before. It's definitely heavier on the electronics, the hook in the verses of "Digital Witness" are almost straight hip-hop that are obvious differences with Strange Mercy, her last studio record.

Even with the more pop heavy songs, which I have a tendency to skip over, have a certain Fleetwood Mac-like element that keeps me listening. Though there doesn't seem to be too much difference musically from "Prince Johnny" and "I Prefer Your Love," or her previous airy-organ pop songs, but without a doubt it takes more chances with the cleverness hidden songs, like the twist in "Huey Newtown," and it's content is something I highly doubt anyone would hear on the radio

There's something great about this album, beyond just the maturity of the music. It's more honest, as if there seems to be some sort influence I'm tempted to call punk, but I think a better word would be confidence that makes this my favorite St. Vincent record.