JAM Magazine CD Review

June , 2014
Review by Mark McConville

Candy Hearts

"All The Ways You Let Me Down"

Label: Violently Happy Records/Bridge 9 Records

Pop punk isn't a struggling genre. It's an outlet that is in good shape, not overweight or fragile, it's potent and well built. New York band Candy Hearts is a pop punk act that are turning heads and provoking minds with their ultra infectious music. They're becoming pioneers of their euphony, dressing it up and placing it on top tier.

The new record is called All The Ways You Let Me Down on Violently Happy Records is a powerhouse. The organic guitar is strummed with an ease. The music is played with a tinge of sorrow, there is a sense of sentimentality and drive. The lyrics pinpoint the hardships that are attached to a prolonged and endangered relationship. The album doesn't fall flat, it emerges victorious, blasting out and keeping the attention. The workmanship is apparent, they've put their heart and soul into this record.

Songs such as ''The Dreams Not Dead,'' ''Michigan,'' ''Fools Gold'' are instrumental. The emphatic guitar launches the record into the stars. The empowering and tidy vocals nestle well as the instruments capture the scene brilliantly. Candy Hearts is an act to watch out for.

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