JAM Magazine CD Review

October , 2014
Review by Mark McConville


".5 The Gray Chapter"

Label: Roadrunner Records

Slipknot is a band that have become an institution in the metal scene. They've certified themselves as warriors of the genre are still ever so popular. Their new record .5 The Gray Chapter on Roadrunner Records swirls around the backbone of brutality, offering something new and fresh. The record sounds so different, so complex and riveting. It even has emotion attached to its ribcage like a time bomb.

Leading man Corey Taylor sings with bitterness and repent. He seems to convey hatred so well, quivering the spine in the process. His lyrics are poetic and ferocious, like they've been written on the bark of a burning tree. He knows how to lift the pen and he knows how to write words that evoke. He's a spokesperson for a jaded generation, a marksman that shoots his mouth enough for people to listen up. .5 The Gray Chapter matches up to past efforts. It may even eclipse those records. The meaty guitar solos and empowering vocals will enlighten the worshippers. The Slipknot family.

The band keep the metal strap from wearing with songs like "Killpop." It starts with a slow intro. Taylor's vocals are soft enough, then the guitar pounds through. Taylor's voice then rises and he screams about love. He describes a girl that is sticking needles into her skin, offering nothing to the world. She's off course like a uncontrollable missile. "Goodbye"enters the frame as a song that is haunting, grizzly, and infectious. The soft drumbeat and subtle guitar level up well until it flashes out of control. "The Negative One" begins with a quirky guitar line. It's robust and Taylor's vocals blast open the skin of truth. He bellows as the song progresses.

Slipknot enter the frame again with a record that's haunting but fresh all the same.

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