JAM Magazine CD Review

May , 2014
Review by Mark McConville

Framing Hanley

"The Sum Of We Are"

Label: Imagen Records

Nashville band Framing Hanley force their points on new record The Sum Of Who We Are on Imagen Records. The act propelled to stardom with their second record A Promise To Burn four years ago. Now, with their 3rd opus, the rockers maintain that youthfulness and attitude. The lyrics are more refined, there is more depth. The monumental riffs are there to inspire.

There is so many rock bands that flood the musical dam, but Framing Hanley seem to be a different beast. The album that they've produced is fundamental, heartfelt, and sincere. Although the lyrics can be razor-sharp and potent, like a potion of alcohol and poison.

The artistry shown throughout the record is sublime. The songs would love to bleed out, covering the listener in crimson red. They are written to evoke and the band have rightfully pushed themselves further than they thought possible.

The pick out tracks are "Castaway," "Forever Till The End," "Crash And Burn," "Unbreakable." With these songs and others in their armoury, the band are destined to miss the rocky road. They are sure to land straight into beautiful ocean covered by the rays of the sun.