JAM Magazine CD Review

December , 2014
Review by Noah Holt

Drowning Pool

13th Anniversary Reissue of "Sinner"

Label: The Bicycle Music Company/Concord

The 13th anniversary edition for Drowning Pool's Sinner album revisits a classic Nu Metal album that represents Drowning Pool's first album and commercial breakthrough. Having gone platinum within six weeks of its release, Sinner is Drowning Pool's most successful album, and is the only album to feature Dave Williams in support of the release of Sinner "Unlucky 13th Anniversary Edition."

The Unlucky 13th Anniversary Edition of Sinner includes the original album on disc one, before the original Sinner album. Some of the songs on disc two are demo versions of songs from the Sinner album. Those songs include Sermon, Follow, Told You So, I Am, in various cities across the U.S. and are for the most part, at smaller venues. Accompanying Drowning Pool on a select number of shows on the tour are A Breach Of albums and one live album, and has seen a fair amount success. The band's line up still lead vocals. Dave Williams is the original lead singer of Drowning Pool, and tragically died of heart disease while on tour for Sinner. Drowning Pool is currently on tour in and on disc two there are 13 unreleased demo recordings that the band recorded Tear Away, and Bodies. The other songs are original songs that never made it to any of Drowning Pool's albums, including "Heroes Sleeping” which was the last song Drowning Pool ever wrote with Dave Williams.

While on tour for Sinner's 13th anniversary, which started a few months ago, Drowning Pool will be playing the album in its entirety at each show. Bands on the tour are Silence, Red Tide Rising, and Like A Storm who joined the tour on October 31st. A Breach Of Silence are a Powercore Metal band out of Australia, Red Tide Rising is a Hard Rock band from Denver, Colorado, and Like A Storm is a progressive metal band out of New Zealand. After the show on November 26th Drowning Pool parted ways with the other bands and are now touring by themselves.

As for a bio on the band, Drowning Pool was formed in Dallas, Texas during the year 1996. Since the passing of Dave Williams, Drowning Pool have released 4 studio consists of the following original members; C.J. Pierce on Guitar, Stevie Benton on Bass Guitar, and Mike Luce on Drums. Drowning Pool has been through three Lead Singers since Dave Williams, with the current singer being Jasen Moreno. I went into this assignment thinking of Drowning Pool as "Just another one of those Nu Metal bands," and the only song of theirs I had ever heard was Bodies. After I listened to the reissue of Sinner, I gained a newfound respect for them. Did I think the album was good? Not necessarily. That's because I'm mainly a classic rock/classic metal guy. Did I think it was bad? Definitely not, not by any means. If you're a fan of Nu Metal, then this reissue is a must have for you, because you will most likely love it. I give the Unlucky 13th Anniversary Edition of Sinner 4 out of 5 stars.