JAM Magazine CD Review

March , 2015
Review by Mark McConville

Kicking Harold

Red Light District

Label: UltraDose Music

Kicking Harold showcase a storming attitude on their new record Red Light District. The Californian band pat the back of urgency and rattling tenacity, releasing a bellow for the American Dream. Their music is quirky and fast paced, guitar driven and melodic in parts. It also contains lyrics that are razor-sharp and fierce.

The sound is gratifying. The energy pulsates, enforcing a sense of instant appeal. The act don't powder over their feelings on the latest record, they let them shudder the spine. Red Light District is an album that boasts so many epic contributions.

The record begins with "American Nitro." It's a song that is fashionable and modern. The guitar drives home like a sharp nail and the vocals are gritty and infectious. The lyrics provide an insight into the state of the mind. "Hollywood Way" commences with a steer towards negativity. Although it's a little more pessimistic and cut throat, it does contain a sharp mix of poetry. The riff is simple but instrumental to the whole make-up of the song. "Kill You" offers a slice of melancholia and sorrow. The chorus is wonderfully executed and breaths down the neck of pessimism.

Kicking Harold is an act that implement a sincerity into their music as well as an attitude that could be perceived as being too negative, but their sound rings true and will empower the head to move.