JAM Magazine CD Review

January , 2017
Review by Michael Insuaste

Scrap Iron

Ashes Of Hope

SmashMouth Records

The latest release by power metal band Scrap Iron, Ashes Of Hope, on SmashMouth Records, hits hard with familiar riffs, a dynamic sound and a tenacity that carry's through the ten tracks listed, not counting the intro. This new material takes you on a hard driven road of earth pounding drums and guitar ecstasy that would impress any metal enthusiast.

Track to track, Scrap Iron remains consistent through and through with a clean and crisp mix that delivers their music with force and precision. Recorded and engineered by Sterling Winfield, who worked on several Pantera releases, this CD clearly has his personal trademark. Nicely done.

Some of the tracks that stand out are; "Alloy" the second number, "Cold" which is probably the best song on the CD, fast and mean, title track "Ashes Of Hope" is another number that drives well with great guitar duel! But there is a softer side with some nice gentler guitar works found on "Sparks" and "The Search" and again at the end of the last number "The Beginning." Like I mentioned, this CD is consistent. "Medicated" is another track that simply kicks with shattering drums and a masterful dueling guitar riff changes. This is one cool little ditty.

The band consists of; Scott Lockwood on vocals, Dave Mack on guitar/vocals, Bill Engfer on guitar/vocals, Jay Jeffrey on bass/vocals and Steve Nichols on percussions. If you are a fan of vintage early 80's power metal you will enjoy Scrap Iron's Ashes Of Hope with similarity to Overkill, Metal Church, Armored Saint and the likes of Saxon.

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