JAM Magazine CD Review

March , 2017
Review by Michael Insuaste


Error Of The Moon

Rebel Metal Productions

Now and then a new band comes together that literally explodes on the music scene that makes people take notice from the get go! 3EIGHTY3 is that band and with their independent second EP CD, Error Of The Moon, this young and powerful group is riding high with their petal to the metal!

EOTM is a four track EP release that kicks your ass from the first note through the last and will make you anxious to hear the next tune. That is always a good sign. Kicking off with "Fubar" a groovy little number that resembles an early Pantera vibe, sets the pace. Lead screamer, Jude Trockmorton, who takes his vocal range to levels that feel as if he is going to bust a blood vessel in his throat, really gives his all live on stage and in the studio too. What I like about this number is the clean guitar work by Matt 'Strings' Chapman. His style is strong and direct with an emphasis on the groove metal!

Track two, "Fighting For The Earth," has a traditional 80's guitar riffs with ballsy vocals. You can't help but the hear the Pantera influence on many parts of this song, clean whaling guitars and a nice bass line by Zac Stewart.

The third track, "Obsolete," is a bit more deep in lyrics and a dark in content overall. Makes you wonder what runs through the songwriters mind as this number seems to be filled with self inflicted pain and anger. Carry's well with a nice groove and melodic tone.

The final song, "Blow Your Top" kicks off with a cowbell.... and who doesn't like more cowbell! From the start, this number rolls with a traditional 80s rock riff, a kick ass drum beat by Bodie Martin that carry's the song throughout! To me this number describes the band, authentic heavy southern metal that kicks you in the teeth!

Expect good thinks from 3EIGHTY3 because this band is on fire and roll down a steep hill! Catch them live soon as they most definitely are a Must See Band!

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NOTE: New 3EIGHTY3 drummer is Kirk Evans