JAM Magazine CD Review

September 20, 2017
Review by Tabetha Prince

Dead Horse




Are you “Horsecore”? I am, for damn sure! This release has the metal empowerment of everything that you are looking for from a crossover-thrash-core band. With its blistering bass, demanding drums, growling guitars and valorous vox, this purely, powerful masterpiece is metalicious!

The tones and tempos, topics and talents delivered in this 12 track release had me thrashing like I was in high school again. Holy Hell…..it felt great! From the start of “How We Rot” to the end of “Train Ride” is a constant forge of fortitude! I love their spin of “Beat on The Brat”, a hit from The Ramones that was released in 1976. The dimension of sound culminates punk meets thrash. Well done guys, well done! Another favorite for me is the album title of “The Beast That Comes”. This tune could be interpreted in various ways, for me it screams about life. I mean with lyrics as “He will subdue you, and bleed you dry, the beast that comes has fangs and blood red eyes”, yes indeed, sounds like life will do it’s best to end you. On a lighter note, the eighth track on this CD is “HorseCore”. They dedicated this song to all bands and all fans for good reason. This track is a feel good, inspirational, in your face tune about a fan going to the show with his friends. The lyrics say it all, a timeline of events that take place the day of. Not only a timeline but the feeling you get when you are going to see your favorite bands.

“Gonna thrash gonna mosh”
“Getting’ ready for a kickass show”
“Getting’ Drunk and getting stoned”
“Getting crazy ‘cause we are HORSECORE!”

The Beast That Comes is a must have!