JAM Magazine CD Review

February , 2018
Review by Tabetha Prince


Label: Maddpants Records

MESSER CD Review Debut Label Maddpants

Dallas’ beloved Messer, will release their self-titled debut album on April 20th, 2018! You’ll want to catch the album release show at Trees on this day. Don’t miss it!

Kicking it off with “Throw It Away”, this track has an attention grabbing intro. This tune sets the precedence for the following awesomeness. One of my personal favorite songs is “Fight of My Life”. This tune will presumably resonate within individuals as their own personal war song. Hell I think we can all relate.

Directly following is “Still Better Off”, an obvious middle finger to the situation at hand. Messer then slows things down a bit with “Lay Down Your Heart”. Have no fear; they kick back into gear with their first single “Make This Life”. Hitting the airwaves HOT with this one. It’s already being played on SiriusXM Octane, Music Choice/Rock and not to mention 47 other stations. 

”Make This Life” kicked maximum ass cracking the Top 40 at Active Radio and after only 5 weeks. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me! Closing out this self-titled mega-hit, comes a couple of songs that I’m sure you’ll love. “Whiskey”... ok the title alone puts a smile on your face. I can see the fans singing along now and yelling “Pour me a shot!” Last but not least is “Simple Man (Acoustic)”. 

I personally like this acoustic version more so than the electric. But hey that’s just me! The electric version is however a killer tune with its riveting riffs and boisterous beats. It’s a fist pumper!

Overall, Messer delivered an 11 track hit with its raucous and up-tempo stylings. The individual talents that they possess make the chemistry of this band a must see! Catch them this spring, hitting the road March 1st.

This concludes your 2 cents from Tabby.

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