JAM Magazine CD Review

September , 2010
Review by Tim Taylor


"All Night Long"

Label: Eleven Seven Music

At one time, Buckcherry was a breath of fresh air in a scene flooded with depressing and juvenile nu-metal bands. Then they disappeared completely, ostensibly over musical differences. But, as the rock Gods would have, singer Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson would breathe new life into the band with the 2006 release of 15, an inspired party rock album featuring the hits "Crazy Bitch" and "Sorry". The album not only revived Buckcherry's career after a lengthy hiatus, it made them relevant again.

That brings us to the recently released All Night Long. The album lacks the imagination and sexual fervor of previous Buckcherry efforts, so it's difficult to find any redeeming qualities to this recording. Songs like "Our World" and "It's A Party" are so generic they sound like the background music being played while the credits roll at the end of a bad 80's movie. Yes, there is some cool slide guitar on "Liberty", but the only catchy hook on this album is the chorus to the obligatory ballad, "I Want You", which undoubtedly will make this record a commercial success.

But here's the thing. Buckcherry really needs to take a break from the constant and overly extended touring it has been doing. If they're serious about staying in the big leagues, they need to take a break from the road and really concentrate on writing good material. There are times when you listen to All Night Long, that the music almost seems like an afterthought. Considering what singer Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson have been through over the years, settling for the mediocre to give themselves an excuse to tour, just won't cut it.

I can afford to be on the wrong side of public opinion. Buckcherry can not. Time will tell which way the voting went on this one.