JAM Magazine CD Review

November , 2010
Review by Tim Taylor

Alter Bridge


Label: Alter Bridge Recordings

I was skeptical when I heard that Alter Bridge were about to release their third record. With Myles Kennedy being so busy auditioning for Led Zeppelin as well as recording songs and touring with Slash, it didn't seem possible that there was time for him to collaborate with the other members of Alter Bridge, especially since they've been out on tour with Creed. Somehow, though, Kennedy, guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips have managed to record their most thoughtful and creative album to date. AB III opens with two ass-kickers, "Slip To The Void" and "Isolation", which showcase the darker direction Alter Bridge have decided to take, as well as some blistering guitar solos. Tremonti's guitar works extremely well with Kennedy's voice, and is the driving force behind this record. From the chugging riffs subtly placed with the vocals on "Coeur d' Alene" to the pure metal of "Still Remains", this album is a guitar fanatic's dream come true. "Life Must Go On" and "Breathe Again" provide the beautiful melodies and infectious choruses that make AB III a true masterpiece. A haunting duet between Tremonti and Kennedy called "Words Darker Than Their Wings" closes the album perfectly, leaving you completely satisfied and overwhelmed. A few years ago, I thought Blackbird would be the highlight of Alter Bridge's existence, but I was dead wrong. I had no idea that they were capable of putting this much heart and soul into a record, and I can't wait to see them play these songs live. There will be other skeptics. Especially the 'Creed haters'. Do yourself a favor, and give AB III a listen. It will definitely change your opinion!