JAM Magazine CD Review

January , 2011
Review by Michael Insuaste

The Roaming Soldiers

"Shine Bird Shine" EP

Label: Unsigned

Out of the depths of Denton Texas comes another great band with a strong southern sound that is unique, refreshing and bold. The band, The Roaming Soldiers. Their latest effort, Shine Bird Shine 6 song EP.

Like many Texas rock bands, The Roaming Soldiers merge their own method of rock and roll music while playing a familiar style of classic southern rock mixed in with a new blend that delivers a modern punch. There is no escaping the haunting influential styles like The Allman Brothers melodies, the hard edgy screams of The Black Crowes and the simplistic southern grace of Lynyrd Skynyrd in their music.

Band Members:
David George - Vocals/Guitar, Patrick Snowden - Drums, Jesse Anderson - Guitar, Bo Kjorvestad - Bass

Shine Bird Shine kicks off strong with a powerful number titled "Shotgun", a narrative tale that depicts a hard explosive ride with a great line that hits home with many of us, "You Know I'm Not A Criminal, I've Never Been A Saint". I love that line! Great lyrics delivered on cue that's what makes a song work. The tasty guitar grooves flow through the song with a pounding drum and bass riff. Smooth and edgy makes this a great tune. I can see why the band picked this number to lead off the EP.

"Last Cards" is a bit mellow with nice harmonies and meaningful lyrics, sharp breaks that carry's the song through the highs and lows. A song with redemption.

Listening to the EP the second time around there is no doubt that the lyrics drives this band and is very evident in "Dancing Shoes". Makes you wonder how much of their real life experiences are written in their music? Good music is always written from the heart and SBS is filled with blues, heart and soul.

The forth number, the title song, "Shine Bird Shine", I couldn't help but feel some connection with the lyrics. The song has a great lead guitar solo that makes this an exceptional piece of music. Expressive lyrics with powerful changes makes it easy for me to say that SBS is my favorite of the 6 songs!

Rolling through the EP, I feel a comfortable groove in the music that this band has laid down. Not knowing in what order these songs were recorded or even written, there is a good vibe from tune to tune. The fifth song, "Strange" is direct and to the point with a heavy drive and throbbing bass line. Nice combo played between guitar and vocals.

The last number on the EP is "Repreive" or (Reprieve). The shortest song on the EP but a song that carries deep lyrics and smooth changes. A nice touch to finish up Shine Bird Shine EP.

As a music enthusiast and a supporter of local music, it is great to know The Roaming Soldiers are literally rockin' the clubs of DFW and carrying that great southern sound. Catch them live and enjoy their dainty groove!