JAM Magazine CD Review

March , 2011
Review by Tim Taylor

Blackwater James

"Vol. 1"

Label: Blacklist Agency Group

Nashville’s Blackwater James have just released an energetic EP full of straight forward hard rock that will please fans of the soulful, bluesy sound that bands like Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights, Badlands and Brother Cane all enjoyed success with at various stages of their career.

Vol. 1 mixes infectious choruses that will keep the music lodged in your head after just one listen. The solos from lead guitarist Deanna will especially make you stand up and take notice. The harmonized solo at the end of "Closer to Free" is reminiscent of the southern rock sounds of the 70’s, while the crunch and swagger of "Burn This City Down" flash back to the best of the 80’s hard rock scene.

Vocalist Christopher James hits notes most singers only dream of. The high his voice hits just before the solo of "Come On" is unreal. His voice is so smooth to listen to, he makes you want to try and sing along with every song. Vol. 1 is just one of those cool rock n’ roll records that makes you want to roll the windows down and turn it up as loud as you can. One listen to the lead single, "Blackheart", and you’ll be sold. Buy it, download it, pay the price to obtain this record. You’ll have fun with it and become addicted like me!