JAM Magazine CD Review

March , 2011
Review by Ken Martin

Chris Brown


Label: Jive Records

An album release isn't quite necessary for Chris Brown to retain publicity. As early as this morning, Chris Brown smashed a window in the dressing room of Good Morning America, after being drilled with a series of questions related to the domestic violence incident that occurred over two years ago with his then girlfriend, Rihanna. A recent completion of probation terms, and leaked nude pictures of the singer has furthermore catapulted the singer into the media's spotlight. Sometimes, it's very easy to forget about Chris Brown's music indeed, as there are so many other external factors that causes a major distraction, away from his music itself.

Today, Chris Brown released F.A.M.E, the much anticipated album that was preceded with three highly successful and popular singles, "Deuces", No B.S." and "Look At Me Now". Chris Brown has never been a strong, nor talented singer in my opinion. I personally feel that his charming looks, impressive physique, and ability to target young depthless young individuals has been what has kept him musically alive. Thank God for auto-tune.

Honestly, before listening to the album, I had a biased opinion on what I thought Chris Brown would present: auto tuned, fast paced songs designed to disguise his mediocre voice, as he has done in previous albums, even though I had been surprisingly impressed with his recent singles. However, after listening to the first seven tracks, I knew that Chris Brown was on track to proving me wrong. I was expecting a disaster, and what I got in return was a very subtle, artistic, and uncommon sound that just so happened to have a very unique touch to it. I've been angered numerous times, as critics have often compared Chris Brown to Michael Jackson, a compliment that I felt wasn't well-deserved. F.A.M.E, on the other hand will give those same critics even more reason to make the comparison, as this album is full of creativity, and original sound. It's not often that you will see an artist have enough versatility to include both Lil' Wayne and Justin Bieber on the same album.

"All Back", a mesmerizing and borderline hypnotizing song is a must-listen, as well as the snappy and romanticizing track "Up To You". "She Ain't You", while using Michael Jackson's Human Nature beat was also delivered well, and displayed the artists adaptable skill. "Say It With Me", a song that seems to be familiar to listeners both in the 90's, as well as the new millennium, is one of those songs that you will play over and over. All in all, F.A.M.E is worth the money you spend on it, and the album itself is a testament that Chris Brown has graduated to a higher level of artistry.