JAM Magazine CD Review

March , 2011
Review by Chris Branson

W.A. Fite

"Poisoning The Medicine Tree"

Label: Hand Drawn Records

Poisoning the Medicine Tree came out 3/28/11. This is the debut CD from W. A. Fite. Poisoning the Medicine Tree is a CD which an artist has crafted in that need to step out, only to find they've stepped into the Twilight Zone.  Who is W.A. Fite? Do you know? I do, but it's to you to learn him and understand, this is submitted for your approval. W.A. Fite isn't controlled by The Powers in Music, and he does not go with the flow-He could then be said to be poisoning the medicine tree. The rebellion against the normal molds is very evident in this CD, music heavy in synch, or as the press for the CD says… Born at the ripe age of 30, W.A. Fite has long been teasing ears with his destitute brand of Organ-Gaze retro synth. What he believes to be Electro is in fact, Electro-Mechanical. Fact, however, is not the only delusion he sells. W.A. sells music. Big bass heavy.

I'd suggest a trip to the W.A. Flite Blog page while listening; it helps to understand the CD, which is a mixture of story, life, memories, determination and desperation. Keep in mind this isn't a concept album, but it does have some threads to follow.

Sergeant F Head - This was a military man who had charge over some people, both male and female. Move aside, take him from my line, people who are taken from his line are not subjected to a bright and shiny future…. Such happy synth work …

Western in A - the old record crackles as W.A. decides it's time to hit the road. His girl, understanding though concerned for him, tries to be consoling and looks to better times. He says his youth will get him through, and he really doesn't need a home. He's got a curb to play at! Note the sitar in the background, pretty inventive.

The Piddler - W. A. stayed with her, though, and time passed. He makes the observations that things have deteriorated, but would really like to know why it took her so long to tell him she'd met someone... He'd have moved on to a bigger city and better opportunity...

Beating Thomas' Best - "I'm the boy who can't be beat! I'm the King of 5th and Betton Street!" This is how the lyrics end. W.A. has a way of subtly throwing in crass reality and this song highlights it. The time is the past, as is much of the CD, and Thomas is black. He's also a very fast runner, and pays a price at the hands of those he shows up.

Jack - "Son you'll see... I'll give you words to see. That we're all tied bound to the Family Tree." Will you be just like me? As father talks to infant son, he wonders is the son will follow his life's pattern.

Carney's Lake - Carney Lake is my favorite on the CD. It's a reflection of past like through a person's (W.A.'s) memory as they recall old innocent times during those summers we all miss… Before our innocence gave out..

Tennessee Tango Whiskey - Looks like the lovers are looking for each other in New Orleans. They don't make the scheduled meeting though.  Check the organ in this one.

Feet in the Water - A great memory… I could speak to this one, as I spent more then a few summers in Camp Wood, Texas. Special spot in the Nueces River, there, feet in the river - "Feet in the river, who's gonna join me? I'd ask Sister, but she called me ugly. Called big Brother said, "Come sit beside me." But he's too busy with Neighbor Holly." Yes, that is how I remember it…

That ain't the Way - The scratchy record starts anew, warning us that lies aren't the way to the heart. Lies aren't any good anyplace, even in the world of W.A. Fite.

Crazy Horse - The passage of time, why must we age and time pass? Let's ask Crazy Horse these questions of the universal life. He makes no sense.

Breathing at the Door - Open the door. I think this relationship is pretty near conclusion. Still the door is closed.

The Valley - The Valley is a cheating song, as he walks in to see his girl getting foolish pleasures, shall we say. He burns down his cabin with them. And one other.. in it.

There will be at least two bonus tracks released as part of Poisoning the Medicine Tree. It's an interesting album that I believe started out as a project for the studio and some experimentation with musical styles and different instrumentation, but got to be much larger than that. W.A. Fite was worked to make music, and made nothing doing it. I could say more, but what for? You should check this one out, I can say it's different... and guarantee it!