JAM Magazine CD Review

August 11, 2011
Review by Roy Turner

Against All Will

"A Ryme & Reason"

Label: Self-Release

The members of Against All Will really want you to know that the main songwriter in their band used to be in Puddle of Mudd.  Sadly, the trouble only begins there. Other accomplishments that they are convinced should get your attention is that their self-released debut was produced by Korn’s producer and one of the dudes who used to be in Soulfly plays bass.

If I were a writer for Saturday Night Live  and wanted to create a skit lampooning this current trend in music of flaccid, over-produced rock songs made by generic, contrived looking white dudes, Against All Will would be the band I would create for the show. If you look at the album cover from this perspective, you will actually start laughing outloud.

The formula for songs and image is so tired and predictable. It’s that rocker with a cowboy hat, biker with a heart, everyman on the steel horse I ride, with a southern flair trip, that you have seen and heard a million times, and you will yawn just as loud through this boring, pathetic attempt at relevancy.

Band name an innocuous three-word title that sounds like a battle cry? Check
Album name an overused clique and/or Cuts like a Knife was already taken? Check.
Band looks like they went to the Hot Topic casting call for contrariety? Check
Soul Patches all around.

Songs like Swept Away and Discard You are as completely unoriginal as this entire project is. Things start looking up with Let Go as it’s the only track on the record that doesn’t sound like "Hey if Nickelback can do it, so can we" - with a New York Dolls/Faster Pussycat sound.