JAM Magazine CD Review

September , 2011
Review by Love Tsunami

Colin Hay

"Gathering Mercury"

Label: Compass Records

Most people remember him as the front man for 80s band Men At Work, but solo artist Colin Hay digs deep and speaks about a rich life in his recent CD release "Gathering Mercury".  It’s just Colin and his guitar telling it like it is; it’s raw and real. With fearless lyrics, Colin shows you a glimpse of the man he became after fame got fickle. His smooth, gravel voice and Scottish/Aussie accent give him an exotic flavor that invites an audience to sit down for the story he spins.

The first track sets the tone with an upbeat, catchy plea to "Send Somebody" for a man on the edge before rolling into a song about Colin’s father, whose influence on his music is heavy. "Family Man" conveys the feelings of young boy wanting more from his dad than he thought he was getting.  The melancholy "Invisible" is deep and bluesy, then "Dear Father" picks up the lingering sentiment and runs with it by recounting his feelings at the end of his father’s life. Listeners experience the beauty of life in the sadness of his loss. "Half A Million Angels" brings the energy back up and sounds the way love feels. Every track is the sound of the human experience.

This album is a voyeuristic journey through personal moments while Colin Hay picks at his acoustic guitar with clean expertise and sings from his heart.  Words written with love and quiet passion weave themselves around his music. The songs are simple and catchy yet deceptively complicated. Colin Hay was the heart of Men At Work and he brings the same light humor and insight to his mature solo work. "Gathering Mercury" is the sleeper release of adult alternative music in 2011 and a must have for true music lovers.