JAM Magazine CD Review

November , 2011
Review by Roy Turner

Dead Beat Poetry


Label: Independent Release

Dallas’ Dead Beat Poetry finally release their first LP, independently this week after a year’s long work of putting in some great and lively shows. With its Latin roots intact the record starts off with La Revolucion and keeps a nice backbeat throughout. This recording definitely shows limitations in its production as well as its players, but it also shows a great potential if future recordings can capture what the band sounds like live. A lot of the song ideas have great origins but all too often are fleshed out enough with more ideas that can bring the song to life. Songs that could be great are left to being just mediocre and uninspired; others totally hit the mark and show what the band is capable of.

Singer Lulio Guevara has a great tone to his voice that is under-used a lot of times and there are several missed opportunities that could really showcase his instrument. However, interest doesn’t wane throughout this disc, though at times it will frustrate you to know that it could be better, while still inspiring you to wait to see what they can do in the future. I look forward to hearing more from these guys.