JAM Magazine CD Review

November , 2011
Review by Roy Turner

The Devil Wears Prada

"Dead Throne"

Label: Ferret Music

When Born To Lose, the first single from the album,came out earlier this summer, I knew this thing would rock. I was very pleasantly surprised by how great the Zombie EP came out, so I had some great expectations for the forthcoming Dead Throne.

While maintaining the same intensity that I enjoyed from Zombie,   this record is actually quite different and at times its direction a bit unexpected. Though a few questionable production choices here and there and prefer the organic sound of the instruments on this one as compared to the manufactured ambience and choir singing of previous efforts.
Dead Throne maintains an even-level of momentum throughout while the inclusion of a terrific instrumental, Kansas, does nothing to distract and take away from that, nor does the slower melodic track Chicago. Apparently if you are going to be a song on a TDWP LP that is outside of their comfort zone, you will be named an American city.

While I do agree that TDWP has crafted a great heavy album, I also feel that it doesn’t’ quite rise above their previous effort as much as a continuation of the Zombie EP.  It times the sound feels updated where as at others some of the songs feel like outtakes from that session.

They do turn off the distortion and have some nice quiet moments in the middle of the record.

My biggest critique is with the vocals. By the time this effort got to the mixing stage of its production, it omitted something that has been a staple for the band - the traditional TDWP scream. It makes singer Mike Hranica’s assault, something that formerly was truly menacing, sound feminine and at times dull.

I think where this record succeeds the most is in the musical growth from lead guitarist Chris Rubey, who has really come into his own on this record and shown that he and his band are a current force to be reckoned with some increasingly impressive chops.