JAM Magazine CD Review

April 6, 2012
Review by Tim Taylor



Label: Roadrunner Records

Shinedown’s fourth studio album Amaryllis is a bit frustrating. It’s a very average, run-of-the-mill record for a band that has worked hard for several years to establish themselves as a consistently original rock band. Vocalist Brent Smith is an exceptional singer, but there are only a handful of tracks on here that showcase his ability. Songs like "Adrenaline", "Through the Ghost", and "My Name (Wearing Me Out)" make Amaryllis worth listening to, mixing unique melodies and lyrics with blistering guitar work from Zach Myers. Too many of the other songs, however, are too polished, and could be lumped in with the countless Nickleback sound-alikes that pollute the Modern Rock airwaves these days. If this was a new album from an unknown band, it might not sound as bad to me, but after falling in love with 2005’s Us and Them and 2008’s The Sound of Madness, I think most Shinedown fans will be as disappointed as I am. Amaryllis is a pretty weak effort, and I know they’re capable of being much better than this.