JAM Magazine CD Review

September , 2012
Review by Tim Taylor


"The 2nd Law"

Label: Warner Bros.

This year, some of the best bands in the world are releasing new albums, but The 2nd Law is by Muse is by far one of the most anticipated. Every album this English trio creates is very different from the last, and this one is no exception. The opening track, "Supremacy", starts off with a cool, heavy groove. It delivers plenty of lead singer/guitarist Matthew Bellamy's signature high pitch vocals, and leads into a jaw-dropping high-speed instrumental jam that will make your head spin.

The lead single, "Madness", gives the album an upbeat poppy moment, while the funky bass line and addictive chorus in "Panic Station" make you want to dance and sing along. All of the songs on The 2nd Law are unmistakably Muse songs. However, it's easy to hear Queen's influence during "Survival", and there is a classic U2 feel to the song, "Big Freeze".

The coolest song on the album has to be "Animals". It is reminiscent of the sound Muse had on their early albums, Showbiz and Origin Of Symmetry. It starts off with haunting keyboards, cool mellow guitar and low-key vocals. The tune then explodes into a heavy instrumental jam at the end, which is what every diehard Muse fan loves to hear.

This band continues to reinvent their sound with every album. The 2nd Law will continue the tradition of adding great songs to the band set list to perform live. And anyone who has ever had the opportunity to see this band in concert will tell you it's truly an experience to behold.
Muse has so far delivered the best album of 2012. They are truly a uniquely talented band, and without a doubt, one of the most talented groups to emerge the last ten years. They continuously deliver records that leave the listener wanting more. And believe me, when you hear this recording, you'll understand exactly what I mean.