JAM Magazine CD Review

March , 2013
Review by Vinny Cecolini

Free Fall

"Power & Volume"

Label: Nuclear Blast

I've experienced a reoccurring dream where I have died and gone to rock 'n' roll heaven - which is actually located in the lower rings of hell.

I stand in a crowded room filled with familiar faces as various configurations of musical legends take to a stage that resembles a cramped fiery garage guarded by pitchfork-wielding demons. At one point, a denim vest wearing vocalist steps to the microphone. Mostly shrouded in darkness, it's impossible to make out his face. Raw, unblemished hard rock blares as the singer howls. Could it be AC/DC's late front man Bon Scott?

I am reminded of this dream as I listen to Free Fall's aptly titled debut Power & Volume. Formed by The Soundtrack of Our Lives guitarist, Mattias Barjed and fronted by the Scott-clone Kim Fransson. This exciting new group takes the simple '60s and '70s big freedom rock sound - used a decade earlier by fellow Swedes The Hellacopters - to a new level. Raw, barely produced, the entire disk sounds as if Free Fall's members merely set up their equipment in a warehouse, turned everything all the way then played with the producer's sole purpose to turn on the recorder.

This is a big, badass hard rock recording that sounds very much like an intense collaboration between The Who, AC/DC, The Stooges and The MC5 recording live at Leeds? Count me in!