JAM Magazine CD Review

March , 2013
Review by Vinny Cecolini

Lost Society

"Fast Loud Death"

Label: Nuclear Blast

Although Lost Society's Fast Loud Death sounds as if it was recorded by a band trapped on a deserted island the past thirty years, the band's members' median age is 18. If teens wise for their age are referred to as "old souls," should Lost Society be referred to as "old metal souls"?

Fast Loud Death is a thrash album stuck firmly in the years '82 to '84 with each of its songs paying homage not just to Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax, but each of those outfits' early, genre-defining work.

The Finnish group's debut bristles with unabashed youthful exuberance and angst, a welcome shot in the arm to one of rock's most-extreme sub-genres, which often feels mired in self-indulgent artiness.

Along with Lost Society's Fast Loud Death, Lost Society's Fast Loud Death has gotten me excited about metal again. It's the first album in years to make me want to Mosh, though doing so will probably make me throw my back out.

Lost Society have created one of the best metal albums of the year, and with this much talent and unbridled youthful passion, it will be fun to watch these teens evolve, take their obvious influences off of their sleeves and forge their own sound.