JAM Magazine CD Review

June , 2013
Review by Scott Dworkin

Nothing More

"Nothing More"

Label: Independent

Every once in a while you get lucky and stumble upon a band that you've never heard of, and have no preconceived notion of what to expect, that really impresses the hell out of you, something that all new bands hope to do at some point early in their careers. For me this band is a band out of Texas called Nothing More.

I recently caught them on tour opening for Adrenaline Mob and although I had never heard of the band, and to be honest, when they came out on stage I wasn’t really even paying attention, I was completely blown away, as was seemingly most of the crowd in attendance that evening by this bands dynamic sound and stage presence!

Nothing More based out of San Antionio, Texas is set to release their fourth full-length album, the self-titled Nothing More and I've been fortunate enough to get an advance copy to listen to. While it is exactly hard to pinpoint this band sound, I will say that if you're a fan of so called "progressive rock" bands like Rush and Dream Theater, throw in a bit of System of a Down and mix in the heavier bands like Metallica and Megadeth you will like this band! Tracks such as Ballast and Christ Copyright are smoldering with intensity that I haven't heard in quite a while.

The album opens with a semi instrumental called Ocean Floor and goes right in to the aforementioned slamming track Ballast. From that point on the album mixes between soaring vocals and heavy riffs to more introspective lyrics and harmony melodies, even the the brutal, jilted lover track Sex and Lies, sounds beautiful! From the opening track, to the final song Pyre clocking in at over nine minutes this album really covers a full range of sonic texture that is rare in today's hard rock and heavy metal world.

Unfortunately the only disappointing thing I can say about this album is that you cannot see the band play it live while you're listening! According to lead singer Jonny Hawkins "Before we had even started touring we knew that we wanted to do more than just play our songs. We wanted to entertain and really connect with people in a unique way." Unique is certainly a great way to describe this band live and is something that needs to be experienced firsthand if the opportunity presents itself. It certainly will give an even greater appreciation for the music found on the album.

Nothing More more recently hit the road again promoting this release and you owe it to yourself to catch them live when they swing though your area!

Band Members
Jonny Hawkins - Lead Vocals, Aux Drums
Daniel Oliver - Bass, Backup vox
Mark Vollelunga - Guitar, Backup vox
Paul OBrien - Drums