JAM Magazine CD Review

July , 2013
Review by Scott Dworkin



Label: 53 Records

Rock in Roll from the Plains

Despite what some may say about the state of "new" music these days, there truly are some great artists still in existence if you just take the time to discover the great music they are producing. One of these artists is Gooding-a band originally from the great state of Kansas, but transplanted to the hills of Los Angeles.

The band recently released their second album, entitled "Buffalo." This compilation delivers 11 rockin’, soulful tracks of solid guitar-driven music. The trio is made up of guitarist/lead singer and namesake Gooding, drummer Jesse Rich and bassist Billy Driver. Their music is a cross between a harder edge John Mayer and Stevie Ray Vaughan-ish rock/blues.

Notable tracks from the Gooding's album include "Buffalo", "Crash" and "Hey Hey". The single, "Mountain," is also a noble introduction to the up-tempo style of music found throughout the album while the bluesy ballads "Still Want You" and "Your Turn Now" showcase Gooding's soaring guitar skills and passionate heartfelt lyrics.

Lead singer Gooding is a true virtuoso on the guitar. Although the album is excellent, it does not adequately showcase the namesake’s guitar skills. In order to truly appreciate his talents on the instrument, Gooding needs to be seen and heard live. The band’s performance of "Your Turn Now" live is simply amazing. Gooding stretches the four minute studio track into almost nine minutes of amazing guitar pyrotechnics.

So for those who are skeptical of the existence of great new music, wander outside of your jukebox of "safe" music and explore the sounds of a new generation. Gooding’s relentless touring over the past few years as well as their solid, well-crafted music has enabled them to build their following brick-by-brick over the years without a major label or corporate sponsors-an unique commodity in the music industry.

Sometimes, it takes a little work to discover the true talent. You may have to detangle the good music out of the over-played top 40 lackluster hits that dominate the airwaves. But it does exist, and Gooding is proof of its existence.