JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

December 28, 2013
House of Blues - Chicago
Chicago, IL USA
Review by Lisa Lipp
Photos by Ralf Lipp

Atomic Punks

LA Rockers JAM Out In the Windy City

On a brisk night in Chicago, LA rockers, the Atomic Punks and Motley Inc., rolled in to the House of Blues to electrify a chilly crowd. Both, the Punks and Inc., are bands that pay tribute to California originals, Van Halen and Motley Crue, both visual and musical. The bands have a different lead vocalist, but the bass, drums and lead guitar are shared by the same musician and each of them brings a unique and classic chant which wins the fans respect with their live performance.

On lead vocals for Inc. belting notes stronger than Vince Neal himself is front man Timmy Craven. The Atomic Punks lead throat, Brian Geller, screams out vocals striking a mean resemblance to those of the David Lee Roth himself. Lance Turner lead guitar and background vocals for both bands rips cords that emulate the great Eddie Van Halen and same for the mysterious Mick Mars. Scott Patterson on drums beats the skins as if Alex Van Halen and Tommy Lee were sitting behind the kit themselves. On bass and background vocals is Jam Magazine's very own Joe Lester (photographer) who plucks cords like Chicago native, Michael Anthony and wild man Nikki Sixx.

The bands bring to life vividly both Van Halen and the Crew while dressed up from the iconic spandex pants Dave Lee himself made so famous to the tattoos that Nikki Sixx sports up and down his arms. When both bands kick into gear, they make you feel as if the actual bands are jamming on stage right before your very eyes. The Punks bring you back to the days of Roth singing hits like "Hot for Teacher," "Unchained" & "Ice Cream Man," which always melts the girls in the audience. Motley Inc. played all the famous MC favorites such as "Girls, Girls, Girls," "Dr. Feel Good," "SOS and the crowd favorite, "Home Sweet Home."

Both bands were on top of their game and hitting the notes right on the mark. When you're looking for a stellar tribute band you need to look no further. If you want a night that's full of entertainment, simulated vocals and solid classic VH and Crue guitar licks, The Atomic Punks and Motley Inc. can't be beat!

A big shout out to all the band members for welcoming us into your world and a special thanks to Joe Lester for letting us take the ride, you all rock!