JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

November 13, 2014
Irving Plaza
New York, NY USA
Review by Mae Krell
Photos by Mae Krell


Alternative Rock Is Reborn On Anberlin's Final Tour

A roaring crowd shook the floors of a sold out Irving Plaza this Thursday night. As Joseph Milligan (lead guitar), Deon Rexroat (bass), Nathan Young (drums), and Christian McAlhaney (guitar) walked on stage and began to tune their instruments, the crowd shook with excitement.

Finally, after several minutes, Stephen Christian (lead vocals), strolled on stage holding his mic and the crowd went wild.

The anticipation that was present before this show is simply indescribable - The New York City stop on the final tour of an incredible 12 year run for Anberlin. In addition to this, the show was also live-streaming internationally on Yahoo!'s music subsection. With the incredible album sales and success of their latest and last album, Lowborn, an amazing show was expected.

There was something about this show that was very distinct. The crowd was not only present due to a mutual love of music, but also due to a mutual love of the band, and the purpose behind the music they make. Without having ever seen Stephen Christian perform, the passion he has for making music and performing it for people who love it is evident. Despite this being the band's final tour, his face constantly had a big grin on it-even during the most deject of songs. He seemed to be so delighted to be playing at the plaza, performing for the band's fans- that it didn't matter to him what would happen after the show was over.

The success of Anberlin's career as a whole is mirrored by the energy the band brought with them on stage, showing how music, as a whole, can (and has) leave an impact on the world wherever it is heard for decades that have passed and for decades to come.

Never Take Friendship Personal
We Owe This to Ourselves
Paperthin Hymn
We Are Destroyer
Someone Anyone
Other Side
(The Symphony of) Blasé
Take Me (As You Found Me)
The Unwinding Cable Car
A Day Late
The Resistance
Feel Good Drag
(*Fin) anberlin