JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

November 11, 2014
Gas Monkey Live!
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Nolan Smith
Photos by Barry Bond


Jerry Only And The Misfits Bring Horror Rock To Gas Monkey Live

Gas Monkey Live! hosted a four-band rock show on Wednesday that featured opening bands Vigil and Thieves, Dallas-based Dog Company, and Missle, who all did a great job entertaining the weekday crowd by working them into a fist pumping, frenzied mob.

By the time The Misfits took the stage the energy in the venue was ready to burst at the seams. The infamous band may seemingly be best known to the younger generation for their signature logos and insignia, but they made fans of new audience members with their signature sound that is often imitated but never duplicated. The band still continues to thrill with their stage presence, energy and goth-themed songs that have been their calling card since 1977.

Jerry Only is the sole remaining original member of The Misfits. You'll be happy to know he still wears the trademark devillock hairstyle in all its grandeur, which he invented and is his signature look. He also brings a huge stage presence and tremendous amount of energy to the performance, which was absolutely swallowed whole by the faithful crowd that hung on his every word. By the third song of the set, a full on mosh pit broke out in the indoor venue among the rowdy concertgoers looking to "turn it up a notch." The crowd was packed tight as all in attendance were drawn towards the ornately decorated stage, complete with skulls and skeletons draped over the microphone stands. Not wanting to miss any of it, you found yourself compelled to come closer and closer to the stage. A wonderful feeling indeed.

I'd heard rumors recently that the Misfits' shows have been less-than-satisfying. I can attest that was not the case tonight! Jerry and the band sounded well-oiled. His patented 1,2,3,4 cue rolling into each song left the crowd panting and trying to catch its breath between the hits that continued to roast from the amplifiers all night. If you have the opportunity to see The Misfits it would be well worth you're your time and money to do so. There isn't another show like it and you'd be hard pressed to walk away not getting your fill.

Worth mentioning as well, Dog Company was a brilliantly welcomed surprise of the night. Their hard punching rhythmic punk music channeled an angry Irish drinking band in every great way imaginable. If you get a chance to check them out as well, it'd definitely be a wise use of your time. After the band finished their set, they made their way to the merch booth where they signed autographs for their fans.