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April 9, 2015
Mercy Lounge
Nashville, TN USA
Review by Kate Landers
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New Found Glory

Pop-Punk Finds Mercy At Nashville Lounge

On April 9th, Nashville's Mercy Lounge housed pop-punk legends New Found Glory as part of the Sleep When I Die tour.

After Turnover and This Wild Life, Turnstile took the stage, it was as a switch had been hit. Brendan, lead vocals, spent at least half the set climbing the barricades, jumping on the speakers, and in the crowd itself. At one point, a kid from the audience made it over the barricade, via crowd surfing, and as security was attempting to escort him back to the crowd, Brendan put his arm around him, gave him the mic, and the kid took it away - jumping around the stage and on the speakers, the crowd cheering him on. All in all, if you haven't seen Turnstile live, you need to; it was wild, insane, and one killer performance.

Lights went down, and the crowd cheered in anticipation. As soon as Ian Grushka, Cyrus Bolooki, Chad Gilbert, and Jordan Pundik - some call them New Found Glory - took the stage, madness ensued. They played a few new songs from their newest album, Resurrection including, 'Selfless," "Ready and Willing," and "Resurrection." Among the newer works, the crowd shouted every lyric to songs like "The King of Wishful Thinking," and "My Friends Over You."

Only taking a break for Jorden to ring sweat out of his shirt and some quick banter, they continued to play their fake-out closer 'My Friends Over You'. The lights went down and they left the stage, but no one moved. "One more song! One more song!" was chanted until New Found Glory actually came out, to no one's surprise, and with fists in the air, the show actually ended in confetti, sweat, and a ringing in our ears.