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May 2, 2015
Paradiso Tolhuistuin
Amsterdam,  NLD
Review by James Rowe
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Odesza Lights Up The Night In The Netherlands

I think Odesza got it right when picking the venue for their Amsterdam date of the European tour. The venue was originally supposed to be Bitterzoet, a venue in the center of the city. Instead, the gig took place at the Paradiso Tolhuistuin, a venue north of the city that holds 500 people. Upon arrival, the chilled out vibe of the venue itself somewhat reflected their sound. Very apt indeed, I say.

Seattle's finest duo, Harrison Mills & Clayton Knight, arrived on stage around 22:00. When the lights went down, you heard "You take a sound, any sound, record it, and then change its nature." Kind of the same exciting premise when a magician would ask you pick a card, any card.

Odesza's current album, In Return, featured heavily throughout the set. One particular track which set off the small, highly pumped-up crowd was "Sun Models," featuring singer Medelyn Grant. The melodic tones and sounds that it conjures up stir the emotions, be it love, hope or reminiscence in terms of what the track represents.

For a duo to be able to create sounds together using electronic xylophones, synthesizers, and drums while not forgetting the symbol whilst playing in unison is quite something. They both appeared to be putting in the maximum amount of effort as they were sweating profusely throughout the set.

As well as focusing on tracks from the current album, Odesza are also known for their remixes. Perhaps the highlight of their set was the remix of the slow magic track "Waited 4 U." The track was given new life and the beats were very powerfully laid down in this instance.

There was very little verbal interaction from Odesza with the Amsterdam crowd. Harrison Mills grabbed his mic and proclaimed the crowd is great and wonderful on two separate occasions while Clayton Knight clasped his hands together and bowed forward in a gesture of thanks many times throughout the set. Perhaps there should have been more in that respect.

Closing with "Memories That Call You," the track I would say was the best of their set, Odesza left the crowd yearning for more with the lyrics "Can feel your heart yearning slow/ Can feel slow the memories that call you" resonating with each member of the audience.

A small pocket of the city was treated to the delights of Odesza on this night, and electronic music is safe in their hands. No doubt they will only get bigger and gain more notoriety. If you have the chance to check them out live, take it. You won't regret it.