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October 8, 2015
House of Blues - Dallas
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Michael Insuaste

Billy Idol

The Return Of The King!

One of the most anticipated shows of the year rolled into town and made a hard stop at the Dallas House of Blues as the unmistakable, uncompromisable Billy Idol, the King of the Lip, rolled up his sleeve and whipped out a fistful of Idol Magic!

Kickin' off the show with a new track, "Postcards From The Past," from his latest released LP, King And Queens From The Underground, Idol, in a long leather trench coat, struts out and greets the SOLD OUT crowd with full on gusto the only way he knows... balls out and in your face! And the crowd goes wild!

With a large selection of hit songs in his pants, it didn't take long to hear a familiar classic. "Cradle Of Love" stirred up the fans nice and set the show on a smooth path as long time partner in crime, guitarist Steve Stevens mesmerized the fans with his rooster hair doo and flashy attire. The show was on baby!

Seeing Billy Idol again, live on stage, for the forth time in my life, was like a walk back to memory lane. His persona, childish youth, a bit worn, and his voice didn't disappoint. Always a showman and always connected to the fans from the start, something most artist lack. Billy knows how to give it to ya and he gives it 100%!

The show continued on a high as "Dancing With Myself" amused and like a car gaining speed, straight into "Flesh For Fantasy." Idol was blazing! In total control of the show and his fans!

Slowing it down with "Sweet Little Sixteen" was a nice touch as Billy took on his acoustic guitar, under a red light for a very intimate moment of the show. It didn't last long as Stevens geared it up and began to play "Eyes Without A Face" that had the audience going nuts once again.

Quite impressed with Steve Stevens guitar solo, which he had two. The first was an acoustic solo that included a bit of many classic familiar numbers like a touch of "Roundabout" by Yes... a taste of "Over The Hills And Far Away" and "Stairway To Heaven" by the mighty Led Zeppelin... such a teaser and quite funny as well as you can see Stevens enjoying himself and smacking gum like there was no tomorrow!

From there they rolled into another new song from KAQFTU... "Whiskey And Pills" which you cannot help but think most musicians engage and struggle with at one point in their life. To continue on with another crowd favorite, Idol brings on "Blue Highway" another song from his mega hit LP, Rebel Yell!

Can the show get better than this? Fuck yeah it can!

At this point Billy and crew were heading down the closure of the show with "Rebel Yell" which had the best audience participation of the night, why? Cause everyone wants Moe Moe Moe! LOL And of course Billy milked it to his advantage, squeezing out every last MOE he could!

After a brief break, Billy and Steve return with Stevens classic white guitar for what I though was the highlight of the show.... "White Wedding." What was cool about this part was the intro... a sincere accolade Billy share with the entire room on how glad he was to have Steve Stevens in his life, to write music and to have him as a mate... "Such a great mate... Fantastic!... Love You!" and Steve responded with "Billy Idol... Thank You for making MY life so Fucking Great!"... Quite refreshing to hear and see that kind of love on stage from two big time rocker's like Billy Idol and Steve Stevens... adds a little heartfelt sanity to this crazy, sometime fucked up music business!

This was one of my favorite shows of the year and I have seen many! Not because I am a fan of Billy Idol, but there is no doubt he is the real deal, on stage and off. A true artist to max! The show ended with a classic cover of an early Tommy James number, "Mony Mony"... what a fucking performance by a riveting rock legend!


Set List
Postcards From the Past
Cradle of Love
Can't Break Me Down
Dancing With Myself
(Generation X song)
Flesh for Fantasy
Save Me Now
Ready Steady Go
(Generation X song)
Sweet Sixteen
Eyes Without a Face
Guitar Solo
Whiskey and Pills
Blue Highway
Rebel Yell
White Wedding
Drum Solo
Mony Mony