JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

February 21, 2016
Gramercy Theatre
New York, NY USA
Review by Olivia Amaral
Photos by Olivia Amaral

I See Stars - I See Stars, Chunk, Palaye Royale, The White Noise

Light In The Cave Tour Rolls Through The Big Apple

Light In The Cave Tour, do it. On Sunday, February 21st, I was lucky enough to cover the show for JAM Magazine at Gramercy Theatre in New York City. From start to finish, I was blown away by talent.

Opening up the show was the band The White Noise. The relatively new (formed in August 2015) aggressive rock band from LA kicked the night off right with original songs such as "Bloom" and "Red Eye Lids." Energy flowed from the stage and lit a spark within the audience. I highly suggest checking out their debut EP Aren't You Glad? out February 26th.

The next band, Palaye Royale, set the stage on fire. The fashion-art rock band shocked most concert goers with their incredible sound and incomparable stage presence. The band was constantly jumping off the stage in order to get closer to the crowd. It was refreshing to see a band so focused on interacting with their fans which made it such a special and unique experience. The Las Vegas based band definitely knew how to put on a show. You can listen to their latest EP The Ends Beginning on iTunes and Spotify.

The final opening band, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, did not disappoint. The French pop punk/hardcore band was especially impressive. The band flawlessly combined two very different genres in a seamless way. It's not often you hear catchy pop punk melodies mixed with potent hardcore songs but it worked. The French men were able to get the crowd riled up, including a young man on crutches who eagerly joined the circle pit. You can pick up Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!'s latest album Get Lost. Find Yourself in stores and online now.

Finally, I See Stars took the stage. Immediately, the crowd went wild. Where the crowd lacked in numbers, they made up with energy. The fans enthusiastically sang along and fought their way to the barricades with the hopes of interacting with the band on a more personal level, and they did. The band continuously interacted with their fans and made it feel very intimate regardless of the venue size. If you have the chance, do yourself a favor and attend an I See Stars show, you won't regret it. You can listen to their most recent release Phases on iTunes.

I See Stars Setlist:
Filth Friends Unite
Electric Forest
Murder Mitten
Violent Bounce (People Like You)
New Demons
Ten Thousand Feet
What This Means To Me
Youth (Daughter cover, full band)
Crystal Ball
Mobbin' Out